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ExpressJS – Minimal NodeJS Server

Posted on : 2021-01-23 Express server is one of the best backend program to create from simple to enterprise level application with so much less code. It reqquires almost zero boilerplate code and always ready to go with its minimal code Structure In ExpressJS, everything is jus a middleware. Each and every route acts as a […]

Asset Management Software

Posted on : 2021-09-20 Posted by : Ahsan Habib Polok, Business Analyst, DeepchainLabs Asset management: the essence Asset management is a process of tracking, organizing, and maintaining a company‚Äôs assets. It covers numerous types of assets, both tangible and intangible, depending on business type and scope. Asset management can be roughly categorized as follows: A common goal […]

Supercharge Web DX in Svelte way

Posted on : 2022-02-20 Posted by : Ashik, Blockchain Intern What is Svelte & SvelteKit? There are tons of great resources and tutorials out there, so here just a high-level introduction. Svelte is a component framework that allows you to break up your application into reusable chunks. Svelte compiles itself away during the build process into vanilla html, […]

Everything you need to know about React 18

Posted on : 2022-02-23 Posted by : Ashik, Blockchain Intern Table of contents React 18 alpha version was just announced. The theme of React 18 is to make the UI more performant by removing janky user experiences by introducing out of the box features and improvements powered by “concurrent rendering”. React 18 introduces minimal breaking changes. Let’s […]

Django Crash Course (Updated March 2022)

Posted on : 2022-03-22 Lorem markdownum fine incustoditam unda factura versum occuluere Aeneas, iuvat haec praepes partes epulae, in egisse de. Caecisque ter manus. Munere in exhalat, ferre sed habe quaeque saepe verba caput ferarum nubila? Patriam Cyparisse tamen, saxum fide postponere pavida ne omnes etiam, atque. Sonuit omina sed sine haerebat illic fit a mora in. Turpius Aegides membris colat volentes […]

Blog About VMS

Posted on : 2022-03-23 Posted by : Ashik, Blockchain Intern Table of contents VMS – Vote Management System A project for the final term exam of the course OOP2 in AIUB Visual Studio 2019 Project MSSQL in backend Voting Management System Voting Management System is a paperless documentary application or system used for voting a character in […]



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