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Distributed File Sharing System

Distributed File Sharing System for Media Platforms, Online Libraries, E-learning Platforms, FTP Providers, E-commerce Websites and Financial Establishments

DFS is a transparent file-sharing system that allows users to access files from any remote location through a link of multiple distributed servers. And it allows the users in the network to store or access the isolated files as they do the local ones.

What you get with Distributed File Sharing System



The transparency provided by us through our DEX service would come in 4 stages.These are based on storage dependency, naming criteria, replication facilities, and accessibility.



The services we provide confirm scalability to be added into our provided designated DFS system.Since the nature of the distributed networks is that they will inevitably grow over time.Thus, we ensure scalability for the undisrupted service of the users.


Data Integrity

In a DFS system many users compete to access the same file at once.This needs to be correctly synchronized with a management mechanism.Our DFS system makes sure that multiple users will be able to access the same file with a high concurrency control method.



The performance in a DFS system mainly covers the time taken by the CPU to access the secondary storage and network.Our goal is to deliver clients with a system that would require the optimal amount of time to complete requests.


Ease of Use

Most DFS systems tend to have complicated user interfaces.For user comfort, we will grant our clients a simplified accessible DFS for their needs.

Our Solutions

Distributed File Sharing System
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