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Blockchain-based Social Media

Blockchain-based Social Media for Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Internet Communities, Press, Creators and Activists

Social networks based on blockchain technology can be referred to as open-source social media. Such platforms enable consumers to self-host without breaching freedom of speech or privacy protocols.

What you get with Blockchain-based Social Media


Data Security

A social media platform powered by blockchain’s peer – to – peer architecture provides the highest level of data security by ensuring that the user information stored within their system cannot be accessed without proper authorization.



A blockchain – based social network can restructure the data policy and content sharing in such a way that it could help to address fraudulent impressions from fraudsters which can help to create a transparent viewpoint for all users.


User Freedom

Unlike centralized social networks, users in blockchain – based social media can express themselves however they prefer without being obstructed by a centralized ToS.


Tokenized Crowdfunding

A peer-to-peer transaction is viable in a social network powered by blockchain.Thus, social campaigns can easily be funded via the use of cryptocurrencies.

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Blockchain-based Social Media
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