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Crowd Sourcing is a critical component of any decentralized or blockchain-based project since it expands the application possibilities of the project. Our Blockchain Research team is responsible for the development of innovative crowdsourcing strategies that may significantly increase your business’s efficiency.

The expertise of our Data Science service

Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain Explorer

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Blockchain Data Analysis (1)

Blockchain Data Analysis

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Data Scraping

Data Scraping

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Crowd Sourcing (1)

Crowd Sourcing

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Crowd Sourcing

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Why choose our Data Scraping service
Cost-Efficient Approach
We believe that the cost-effective way to ensure quality is to use Crowd Sourcing. Our methodology ensures that you receive authentic input from skilled individuals who can reduce the cost of solving your company’s problem.
Smart Wallet Integration

Crowdsourcing rewards require secured wallets. Our Software Engineers can create virtual means of monetary rewards for your DApp projects with the necessary DEX and smart contract implementation that can help the userbase securely maintain transactions.
A secure wallet is a must for crowdfunding rewards. With the proper DEX and smart contract implementation, our Software Engineers can build virtual ways of monetary rewards for your DApp projects.

Preventing Malicious Miners

In many DApp projects, it is seen that some miners fork a chain or work with malicious workers to gain more cryptocurrency. We provide extra security and fraud-resistant methods for our DApp project to avoid such scenarios.
It is common for miners to fork a chain or collaborate with rogue employees in order to obtain additional cryptocurrency in many DApp projects. To avoid such circumstances, we augment our DApp project with additional security and fraud-resistant technologies.

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