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Prescription System

Prescription System for Hospitals, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centers and Patients

Healthcare is one of the most important and sensitive sectors of any location in the world. Centralized technologies aren’t always able to deliver a high level of data security and secure data transfer. Patient data can be tampered with and requires a high amount of security. Thus, the increasing necessity for this sector to transition into the world of decentralized technologies.

What you get with Prescription System


Automated Prescription

Our system ensures the automatic creation of prescriptions for patients so that their data can stay safe and secure behind the layers of security of a blockchain-based decentralized system.


Data Categorization

Patient data are without a doubt very extensive and cumbersome. Our system neatly categorizes all patient data according to their unique classifications and specifications. This ensures clarity and readability.


Data Preservation

It is a common issue where patients have misplaced their prescriptions and unfortunately there is no decentralized record of it. Data preservation is one of our key aspects. Simply organizing patient data isn’t enough. Data will be preserved securely within our system so that it can be accessed anytime by the right person.


Secure Protocol

Blockchain technology itself is a decentralized database that provides a tamper-proof environment for data storage and preservation. We aim to provide the most updated and sophisticated security system which ensures the safety of all the information stored within.

Our Solutions

Prescription System
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