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Corda r3 application development

Corda, developed by the R3 banking consortium, takes a firm stand. R3 members created Corda, based on public blockchains. Despite R3’s continued use of the word ‘blockchain’ to promote their product, Corda does not feature a chain of blocks. To compare, Corda is the most conventional of the ‘distributed ledger’ platforms.

Harness the power of a Corda r3 application

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Node Management Made Easy

The network's doorman Certificate Authority issues this to each client Corda node. So Corda nodes may join the notary's network and verify both's signatures.

Network Management

You may automatically provide network root CAs on each user Corda node to establish a trust link.

Client-Side Security Ensured

The Network Bridge may join Corda nodes. You may also utilize the network bridge client program. Using node-specific security credentials is required.

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