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Crowdfunding is a popular way to make fundraising for startups and charities more accessible to the general public. When crowdfunding is successful, it results in the creation of new products. The model, however, is still very inefficient. It’s centralized, similar to venture capital firms, with a single point of control over the platform. As a result, campaigns that the crowdfunding platform deems worthy of public support receive preferential treatment.

Consequently, roughly 78% of campaigns fall short of their fundraising targets. The disruption of the crowdfunding industry by blockchain is not only inevitable but also necessary.

The crypto world will never stop evolving. Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), one of the most recent inventions, may soon disrupt how start-ups raise funds through token sales. The tokens are sent to a suitable exchange that acts as a counter-party in this new system, making them available to individual investors.

The price and terms of the token sale are contingent on an agreement between the platform and the developer. The number of tokens set aside for the development team, the percentage of tokens the platform will hold off on selling, and the flat rate price for the tokens are all detailed in this agreement.

The exchange receives a certain percentage of token sales as a result of listing a token. In addition, the process of promoting a new token brings in new users to the exchange. Because the exchange has an equal stake in the project, feasibility and viability studies are conducted before a token is considered for listing. After the exchange is satisfied, the developers must pay a fee and comply with the platform’s terms and conditions of use.

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