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Web 3.0 is a future version of the internet that leverages public blockchains, the same technology used to record bitcoin transactions. Web3 allows users to govern and administer their own online zones, rather than relying on Google, Apple, or Facebook. In this sense, ‘trust’ means that no middleman is required to conduct virtual transactions between parties. Due to the nature of data collection, Web3 protects users better.
Web 3.0 uses public blockchains, the same technology as bitcoin transactions. Instead of relying on Google, Apple, or Facebook, Web3 allows users to manage their own online zones. With ‘trust’, no mediator is necessary for virtual transactions between participants. Web3 protects users better due to data collection.

Harness the power of a Web3 application

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Data Accessibility

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one example of how Web 3.0 will make information and content more accessible and ubiquitous, with many applications and an increasing number of everyday devices connected to the web.

Decentralized Internet

Web 3.0allows for decentralized application deployment and mitigates the need for a central authority. It also involves an end to the widespread use of arbitrary censorship and surveillance in many nations.

Trustless and permissionless

Since applications in Web 3.0 will be powered on blockchain technology. An intermediary for trust issues will not be required.

Towards Open Source

For the first time ever, rather than a limited group of specialists, the whole community can be engaged in the design and development of the code.

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