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Moralis application development

Moralis is a premier online development platform that allows users to design, host, and grow outstanding dApps. Interfacing with an endless number of external projects, chains, and technologies is easy.

Harness the power of a Moralis application

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SDK Supported

Moralis provides its SDK that handles all the backend infrastructure for all DApps project

Ensured Compatibility

All functionalities of Moralis can be enabled on any ongoing projects by thorough its integration that is made easy for any infrastructure

On-chain Database

Moralis Database can instantly sync all users and smart contracts and all On-chain transactions are instantly logged.

Platform Integrations

You'll never be tied to a single blockchain platform or solution again. Moralis's simple API allows it to be easily integrated with other projects, chains, and technologies.

Blockchain Development for your business

Hyperledger Fabric




Corda r3







Web Assembly

Binance Smart Chain

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