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NodeJS application development

NodeJS consists of a huge library of javascript modules that can help anyone develop web applications with ease and it runs in a cross-platform environment that allows creating server-side applications.

Harness the power of a NodeJS application

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Scalability Factor

NodeJS can handle load balance with the help of a cluster module and it can also manage all concurrent requests. But most importantly Node JS has the ability to control app version via child processing

Faster Deployment Facilities

According to benchmarks, Nodejs is one of the most efficient platforms for application development and deployment. This is made feasible in large part by its lightweight tools.

Hosting Services

NodeJS reduces additional server requirements for application hosting due to the utilization of PaaS and this eventually decreases load times for web pages. NodeJS eliminates the need for extra server resources for application hosting by using PaaS and this results in faster web page load times.

Data Streaming made Faster

NodeJS generally processes files while it's being uploaded and this helps in quickening data streaming speeds by a lot and also saves processing times.

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