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Blockchain Escrow System

Blockchain Escrow System for Real Estate, Stock Market, Financial Institutions, Law Department and Auctioneers

The basic goal of the escrow system is to offer a secure method of custody of the payments. In a blockchain-based network, Escrows are third-party smart contracts that hold custody tokens until conditions are met.

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Trust Factor

The risk of fraud can be mitigated with the application of Escrow smart contracts since it acts as a third party who holds the key to agreement confirmation.It is programmed to follow the default rules of the escrow system to ensure the Trust factor between parties.



In a Blockchain-based ecosystem there is no existence of third – party interference in transaction – related issues.The Escrow smart contracts are generated within the Blockchain free of cost which helps to save unnecessary expenses.


Transparent Medium

Transactions are visible to all the assigned users depending on the type of Blockchain.All ongoing operations can be traced and accessed by the relevant users.



Smart contracts can be developed by most open – source blockchain platforms.Thus this allows developers to easily set up a functioning Blockchain Escrow System for their designated projects.

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Blockchain Escrow System
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